Feeling Human:

Feeling Human is a course designed for the general public who would like to understand how CBT and its recent developments help with emotional wellbeing.

This course explores the psychology behind learning and development and is an introduction to the ways Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and the modern developments of “compassion focussed therapy” and mindful practice can bring about long term perspective and control of our mood and behaviour.

Furthermore “Feeling Human” offers an introduction to how our brain works and the theory behind modern therapeutic advances. (Such as that found in the work of Professors Paul Gilbert and Mark Williams).

By the end of this course we could be getting ‘mind fit’, feeling better, thinking better and practicing being more like ourselves again.

A variety of individuals have found this course helpful; from professionals looking for CPD opportunities, to those already in therapy looking for a foundation understanding of how the therapy works and how to make best use of it. This is a ten hour course delivered in 5x2hr sessions or 2 days.

Ian Boyd MSc.

I have been a therapist for over 20 years and trained with Glasgow Cognitive Therapy Centre. I am a member of COSCA.

“I enjoyed this course very much. My expectations were how to help another person, when in fact it was about helping me deal with difficult life events”

Joan Ramsey

Participant 2015

“This was a very useful and informative taster course. I would highly recommend this to others who may be considering studying the subject further”

Mary Trivasse

Participant 2015