So how can we get back more control over the way we live our lives?

We can use what we call mindfulness. Mindfulness is about being aware of what is happening in the present on a moment by moment basis. It is about intentionally becoming aware of our bodies and minds and the world about us, while, at the same time, not making judgements about whether we like or don’t like what we find.

We all have the capacity to be mindful. It simply involves cultivating our abilities to pay attention in the present moment. When our minds are constantly occupied we feel disconnected from ourselves and our immediate environment which blocks our attempts to alleviate our personal distress and may exacerbate it. Being aware in the present allows us to disengage the automatic pilot and respond to life’s challenges with a clear mind.

It makes it possible to respond rather than to react to situations , thus improving our decision making. In this way it is possible to  conserve our energies and achieve valuable physical and mental relaxation.

Mindful practice, 5 week courses for £60, start on 21st April suitable for beginners (11am-1pm). 1st September suitable for those wanting to develop their practice.

Ian Boyd MSc.

I have been a therapist for over 20 years and trained with Glasgow Cognitive Therapy Centre. I am a member of COSCA.