“(After a Shiatsu with Ian) I’m utterly relaxed and feel rooted to the mattress. I can’t remember the last time I was this chilled out..”

Kathleen Manson

Health journalist, Evening Times

“Dear Mr. Boyd, I hope you are aware our school was successfull in the UK teaching awards. I would like to thank you for your contribution. Your involvement was a critical factor in the schools success.”

Ann Grant

Head teacher, Shawlands Academy

“Ian thank you for your guided walk, all those that accompanied you said how much they they enjoyed it , what a wealth of information they gained as well as being delighfully entertained”

Jan McDonald

Chair, Mansewood allotment group

“I enjoyed this course very much. My expectations were how to help another person, when in fact it was about helping me deal with difficult life events”

Joan Ramsey

Feeling Human , Course Participant 2015

“This was a very useful and informative taster course. I would highly recommend this to others who may be considering studying the subject further”

Mary Trivasse

Feeling Human , Course Participant 2015

Ian communicates with emotional intelligence; this is his strength. He is able to interpret how others are feeling and why, then act as a “translator” to resolve or prevent misunderstandings.

Allison Greig

Senior Countryside Ranger

[from the few times I worked with you Ian] in my opinion you are one of the nicest most passionate about your work man I’ve ever known. Whatever you do from now on you’ll excel at, as you have done in Glasgow
John Parker

Countryside Ranger